I started writing blog posts to this site in 2012 when we moved to Albuquerque. It was a way for me to share photos and descriptions of the hikes and other retirement activities that we were enjoying. After 5 years I found that I was posting less often. We were just as busy, but I seemed to be losing the motivation to write blog posts. Plus I was running out of storage space on WordPress and couldn’t decide if it was worth purchasing an upgrade.

As a temporary solution to the storage issue I found a way to convert blog posts to a PDF document. I converted the 2012 and 2013 posts to PDF and deleted those photos and files from the site. Then after thinking more about how I wanted to use the site in the future, I rearranged the format. Instead of just having blog posts as a way to document memories, I will make more use of pages, linking them from this page.

For example, when I finished the series of blog posts from December 28, 2017, through January 10, 2018, I decided that they were better viewed as a chronological story. Those 10 posts were my Trucking with Mike Adventure, which can be accessed by clicking the link.

By using the Past Adventures column to the right of this page it is possible to find blog posts that I made in the past that are still here on the site. These posts can also be accessed by going to the Blog Posts page.

Since I did a minimum amount of posting this summer, I am currently working on a series of pages that will summarize some of the things that we did from May-August 2018. The first page in the Summer 2018 series summarizes a trip we took in May. The second page combines two summer activities related to the Continental Divide.



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